Welcome to Heart Dog Agility

At Heart Dog Agility we believe dog agility should be FUN for both you and your dog! It’s the most wonderful feeling to be able to successfully guide your happy, attentive dog around an agility course.

Agility training at Heart Dog Agility will forever change your relationship with your dog from just being a pet to being your teammate!

Our facility is located on 20 acres of beautiful oaks, Madrones, and Ponderosa pines in Ben Lomond, California. We have the only full sized agility course on grass in Santa Cruz county. There is also a smaller grass field used for jumping and handling exercises.

Heart Dog Agility holds monthly fun matches to practice what you have learned in lessons and prepare you to show in agility trials if that is your goal.

Private, semi-private and class lessons are available as well as rental of the facility for practice, trials, seminars and fun matches.

Heart Dog (n.) \härt\däg\

1. The dog with which you have that special connection unlike any other dog you have had or will have. 2. The best dog you will ever have in your life. 3. Your soul mate in canine form. 4. See “Annie”