Welcome to our new website!!

Well, we finally got our new website up and running!  I’m really pleased with how it looks and works. 

There are several features not available on my old site.  First, you can fill out a registration form one time and then when you want to enter a fun match or seminar or sign up for classes, it will auto fill with your information. How cool is that?

Entering fun matches will be a snap.  You can go to the Calendar and click on the date you wish to enter. This will take you to the page where you can sign up.  You can also go to the Events page and click on the “Register Now” next to the fun match date you wish to enter.  So easy!

Another great feature is you can now reserve your field practice time yourself.  You must get a one-time pre approval to get access to the rental calendar and you must be registered with the website for me to give you this access. Just go to Facility Rental and fill out the request. 

Hope you like my new website and hug your Heart Dog for me!