Really Loving the New Website

OK, my web designer got out all the bugs and made everything work well on this new website this week (Thanks, Brook! You did a great job!) and I am really loving it.  All the pages make sense, it’s easy to navigate around the site and it is a lot easier for people to sign up for fun matches, lessons and other events like seminars.

I can now edit and update all the pages myself.  A big plus over my old website.  Brook spent a lot of time (very) patiently showing me how to work everything.  I’m feeling very comfortable doing all the behind the scenes stuff now.  It’s a lot of fun!  Doing the bookkeeping for the fun matches and lessons is sooooo much easier.  And, the big plus: people can make their own field reservations.  No more multiple emails back and forth to get that done. Man, that was tedious but now is a thing of the past. Yay!

I also have my pet portrait page where people can get info on having a portrait done.  I’m having a great time doing them.  It’s fun and very gratifying to have someone really like the portrait I did of their dog. Two people have commissioned portraits to give as Christmas presents and I can’t wait to hear how the recipients reacted to getting them.

Hope you are liking my new website as much as I am!


New website, still figuring it out

Well, our first fun match with the new website is this Sunday and for the most part it’s functioning very well. I found one glitch (thanks, Samantha!) but fixed it pretty quickly.

I’m really loving the website, though. It is soooo much easier to use on my end and I think it will be easier for everyone else, too. I can add new things and update pages as well as write this blog. How cool is that?

If you see anything that doesn’t seem to be working correctly, please feel free to email me. My web designer is out of town till next week so it may take awhile to fix something but we’ll get it done.

We survived the wind storm with only minimal damage except for Mary’s dog walk. I think it is very fixable, however. We do have LOTS of pine needles on the fields but they will be cleared for the fun match. We haven’t had power for two days and PG&E doesn’t know when they will get it back on. Fortunately, we don’t need power to hold the fun match, oh, except I guess we won’t be having our usual coffee…sorry about that….

Hope to see you this Sunday. The weather should be beautiful!

Welcome to our new website!!

Well, we finally got our new website up and running!  I’m really pleased with how it looks and works. 

There are several features not available on my old site.  First, you can fill out a registration form one time and then when you want to enter a fun match or seminar or sign up for classes, it will auto fill with your information. How cool is that?

Entering fun matches will be a snap.  You can go to the Calendar and click on the date you wish to enter. This will take you to the page where you can sign up.  You can also go to the Events page and click on the “Register Now” next to the fun match date you wish to enter.  So easy!

Another great feature is you can now reserve your field practice time yourself.  You must get a one-time pre approval to get access to the rental calendar and you must be registered with the website for me to give you this access. Just go to Facility Rental and fill out the request. 

Hope you like my new website and hug your Heart Dog for me!