Really Loving the New Website

OK, my web designer got out all the bugs and made everything work well on this new website this week (Thanks, Brook! You did a great job!) and I am really loving it.  All the pages make sense, it’s easy to navigate around the site and it is a lot easier for people to sign up for fun matches, lessons and other events like seminars.

I can now edit and update all the pages myself.  A big plus over my old website.  Brook spent a lot of time (very) patiently showing me how to work everything.  I’m feeling very comfortable doing all the behind the scenes stuff now.  It’s a lot of fun!  Doing the bookkeeping for the fun matches and lessons is sooooo much easier.  And, the big plus: people can make their own field reservations.  No more multiple emails back and forth to get that done. Man, that was tedious but now is a thing of the past. Yay!

I also have my pet portrait page where people can get info on having a portrait done.  I’m having a great time doing them.  It’s fun and very gratifying to have someone really like the portrait I did of their dog. Two people have commissioned portraits to give as Christmas presents and I can’t wait to hear how the recipients reacted to getting them.

Hope you are liking my new website as much as I am!